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Strawberry Facts and Advice


Since we charge by the pound for pick-your-own strawberries, we are often asked about the conversion of
pounds to quarts. Typically, a quart of strawberries will weigh 1.25 to 1.50 lbs. Our picking baskets hold
approximately four plus pounds which converts to about 3 quarts when totally full.

When making strawberry jam, frozen or cooked, typically a recipe will call for
2 cups mashed strawberries. One quart should be all that is needed for this amount.

Water is needed for a healthy strawberry plant and fruit.
However, too much of Mother Nature's rainfall can be an enemy to a strawberry.
The following advice holds true for pick-your-own and strawberries that we have picked for you.
If there's been a lot of rainy weather, we suggest you use your berries as soon as possible.
Don't leave them in the containers, spread them on an absorbing towel to dry, if you plan not
to use them quickly. And by all means, don't ever leave them in a hot vehicle.
If you cannot use all your berries quickly, then refrigerate them for later.
This advice also applies to very ripe strawberries, whether you've picked your own or we've picked for you.

Take care of your strawberries - you've spent your time and your money!


           Strawberry Time!!!!           

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